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A workplace injury is often one of the most stressful things you will go through in a workplace. It can leave you with hundreds of questions and anxieties about both the long term impact of your injury on your health, and how it may impact your ongoing employment. Your family and home life can be impacted by this uncertainty. Recovering from an injury is stressful enough without these worries, and we are here to help.

We understand what you’re going through because we see it with our clients every day. At Employees’ Compensation Advisers we absolutely know this stress doesn’t end when you lodge your WorkCover claim.

The statistics on a workplace injury are sobering, 76% of people who require twelve weeks off work due to injury will not return to work at the twelve month mark. This means that if you have lodged a workplace compensation claim in the state of Queensland it’s important to get the right advice about your next move.

WorkCover claims take time to put together while you gather evidence and complete a daunting amount of documentation, but the next steps are just as important, and can make a substantial difference on your chances of success.

As part of their role in assessing whether to accept a claim or not, WorkCover Queensland will contact both you and your employer seeking more information about the nature of your injury and how it occurred. If an injury is straightforward this investigation can take a relatively short amount of time, and may be resolved swiftly.

However, it is sadly often the case that your employer will use this investigation period to protect themselves by building a case that presents their side in a way that protects their interests, possibly at the expense of your yours.

We deal with these tactics every day and understand the power an employer can have in this situation, and we know how to protect you.

If your injury is more complex, or sustained over a longer period of time, such as depression from bullying, the investigation also becomes more complex. We are able to support you during this investigation and work with you towards a speedy and favourable outcome by ensuring the case you put forward is clear, strong, easily understood and robust.

This period of investigation is the opportunity to make sure you are heard by decision makers, and that your rights are protected, and that’s what we do for clients every day.

WorkCover Queensland will usually notify you of the outcome of your claim within 20 days, however if it takes longer, they are required to contact you. Our experience is that at this point, people’s anxieties and stress levels can rise as the answer to ‘how much longer?’ is so often ‘we’ll let you know.’

We understand the dangers of making decisions when you’re stressed, and how much this stress can impact your wellbeing and the pressure it can put on you and your family. Having an experienced advocate guiding you through this process is one way to reduce this stress, and making sure your next moves are being made with a clear head, and with the benefit of experience.

We’ve worked with people dealing with exactly what you’re going through many times before and we know from experience that a professional advocate can help you speed this process up.

We can work with you to ensure your case is clear and well presented in such a way as to maximise your chances of a successful and fair outcome.  

If your claim is taking longer than you’re comfortable with to settle, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can provide you clear, no-nonsense on the options you have and we can help you strengthen your case for a speedier resolution.

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