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Employees’ Compensation Advisors are a full service compensation advocacy firm that puts you first.

Employees’ Compensation Advisors works throughout Queensland, advocating for people injured in the workplace, on the road, or whose injury that is affecting their ability to work.

We are a network of experienced compensation advocates and lawyers who are here for you. We work with all injured workers, no matter the type or severity of the injury.

If you are entitled to compensation we will fight for your rights, no matter how simple, complex, or difficult your case is.


Our Advocates Care

Our advocates understand how stressful any type of injury can be, and we understand how much added stress there is when this injury affects your ability to carry out your job.

There are many uncertainties when an injury occurs. Often recovery times, and even the likelihood of full recovery, can be uncertain.  

We work to alleviate the uncertainty injured workers have regarding their options to pursue compensation. Our team work hard to help ease the burden you are under by providing clear advice about your options based on years of experience in the field.

Addressing uncertainty is our commitment to you and we will ensure you have all the information you need to make the right next move for you and for your family.

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