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Employees’ Compensation Advisors is a team of highly skilled WorkCover compensation advocates who help Queenslanders with psychological injury claims before WorkCover every day.

Psychological injuries caused in the workplace can impact every aspect of your life and you may well be entitled to significant compensation. A psychological injury arising in a workplace can be particularly stressful for the injured person. Workplaces are meant to be safe and free from harm for employees.

Codes of conduct are designed to protect you from bullying, harassment, intimidation and from suffering an injury because of how you are treated and in going about the course of your normal duties.

Sadly, every day we see cases where this hasn’t happened, systems have failed, and people’s poor treatment by their colleagues or managers has put them under heightened and prolonged distress. It’s not right, and we can support you to seek the compensation you’re entitled to.

Psychological and mental health can be affected by exposure to a poorly designed or managed work environment, a traumatic event, workplace violence, fatigue, bullying or harassment and excessive or prolonged work pressures.

A psychological injury is often not the result of a single critical incident. Psychological injury can build up over time, often due to chronic stress, dysfunctional work environments and poor management.

Employees’ Compensation Advisors know what these things can do to a worker’s mental health. Such circumstances can see workers diagnosed with serious mental health conditions, including illnesses like depression and anxiety, which can have an overwhelming impact on a person’s family life, work life and broader personal life.

We also know that psychological injury cases are difficult. They are highly nuanced, and are often decided on complex and conflicting descriptions of the situation that potentially caused the injury. In these cases, gathering the right evidence is absolutely crucial, and it is very much in your favour to contact an experienced workplace injury consultant the moment you suspect that you have suffered a psychological injury so that you can make the most informed next move.

You shouldn’t be daunted because these cases are difficult. Employees’ Compensation Advisors consultants deal with these cases every day. We know the evidence you need, and we can work closely with you to build the strongest possible case. You have a right to a workplace that does not cause you undue stress and doesn’t impact your home and family life. We will fight for you, and we will work hard to give you the best chance at getting the compensation your injury deserves.

Your claim for psychological injury will only be accepted if there is medical and workplace evidence to prove that, as a direct result of your employment, you suffer from a psychological or psychiatric disorder.

Employees Compensation Advisor will fight your case all the way. We can help you achieve the best possible financial and personal outcome after a workplace injury. Such outcomes could come in the form of a lump sum payment, weekly payments or may include compensation for payment of medical and associated expenses.

Injured workers can also be covered under common law where you could claim for things like loss of earnings, loss of super and pain and suffering. We work within a network of professionals who work exclusively in the field of compensation to ensure you will always get the best, and most timely advice relating to all aspects of your claim.

Most workplace psychological injury cases are managed through the Queensland workplace injury insurer WorkCover Queensland. WorkCover Queensland follows rigid and sometimes challenging procedures when determining whether or not a psychological injury has happened in the workplace and what a fair and reasonable compensation should be.

For an obligation free consultation please don’t hesitate to contact Employees’ Compensation Advisors.

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